About Us

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, New Continental Developments Inc. is a service-oriented business engaging in education investment, international education cooperation, real estate development, and student service and property management etc. Our businesses are centered on a $165-million purpose-built education complex labelled as “New Continental Education City”, of which the development plan is currently under government’s Development Permit review.

As a successful B.C. business with proven track record and roots from China, New Continental launched the development of New Continental Education City project to answer the rising need for international education market in lower mainland area.

New Continental is to leverage its connections with education resources on both side of Pacific Ocean and pave a pathway bridge for Chinese students pursuing their dream of study abroad. We strive to participate in Canada’s international education market by means of a three-pronged role: premier owner and operator of student housing, complementary partner with education institutions in their international program, and excellent service provider for international students.


Our Strategy

We are developing a unique stable income-producing purpose-built New Continental Education City Project. The core strategy is to combine advantage of this first of its kind NCEC project with the education resources NCDI established in China and Canada thus to ensure the sufficient utilization and occupancy of NCEC.


We seek to partner with established educational institutions in China and Canada with quality program and strong growth potential. By means of matching China’s vast education market with Canada’s world class education resources, New Continental is determined to make NCEC a home away from home for international students and contribute towards making Vancouver a stronger international education hub and leader in Canada.

Our goals are to develop and manage New Continental Education City Project to provide stable, sustainable and growing cash flows to fund our future dividend distributions for investors.


We strive to maximize the long-term value of our property and provide a unique opportunity for investors to participate in international education market and gain exposure to real estate market in Canada at the same time.


Our Mission 

Our Company strives to set up an inter-related education hub connecting government agencies, business sectors and educational institutes by means of promoting international education cooperation and multicultural exchange.  

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