New Continental Education City

As the first of its kind in Canada, New Continental Education City is located at the City of Richmond, the home of Vancouver International Airport and the international hub for Metro Vancouver.

The complex comprises three buildings with a total construction area of 300,000 square-feet – a 12-storey campus/office building, a 12-storey hotel, and an 11-storey multi-cultural (including a 100-bedroom boutique hotel) center.

This unique location will attract professional service firms to do business in an centric environment. 


Campus/Office Building 

The campus/office building is about 100,000 square feet, the area will be allocated to professional service agencies such as law firm, education organizations, immigration consultants, travel agencies, insurance companies, printing and office supply shop, and tutoring services, etc.



Hotel tower includes about 300 units, which provide affordable accommodation for people.


Each unit is designed under 500 square feet in size, including rooms, living area, and a bathroom. The tower will include a reception area for check-in and an activities centre with fitness and wellness centre, lounge, meeting space and IT networking space, all overseen by a management company affiliated with the site.


Multi-Cultural Center

The multi-cultural (with a 100-bedroom boutique hotel) center can accommodate visiting scholars and tourists. There will also be a multi-function hall seating up to 300 people for conference, lecture and banquet use.


The amenity facility in the complex includes ground-oriented retail / commercial units, food court, lounge space, laundry facilities and approximately 370 parking spaces.